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3.3V / 5 V Relay Module with Adjustable Delay (220 V)


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Technical specifications:

  • Display LED;
  • Variable timer between 0.1 s and 999 minutes;
  • Supply voltage:
    • No jumper: 3.8 V - 7 V;
    • With jumper: 3 V - 5.5 V; 
  • Tripping signal: 3 V - 12 V DC;
  • Operating temperature: -40  ° C to +80  ° C;
  • The configuration remains saved when it is off.

Instructions for use:

The screw terminals have 3 pins: "NC" (Normally Closed), "COM" (Common) and "NO" (Normally Open). When the relay is not connected, the "NC" and "COM" pins are connected and "NO" is isolated. When the relay is connected, the "NO" and "COM" pins are connected and the "NC" is isolated.

The module has four modes of operation:

  • P-1: When a signal is detected on the input pin, the relay engages. When the screen time has expired, the relay is disconnected.
  • P-2: This mode uses two timers, T1 and T2. When a signal is received on the IN pin, the module will wait for T1 seconds (relay is disconnected), and when the time expires, the relay will be T2 seconds coupled, and then decoupling again.
  • P-3: This mode does not use the input pin, it runs in an infinite loop. And there are two T1 and T2 timers. During T1 seconds, the relay is disconnected, after which time T2 seconds will be engaged.
  • P-4: This mode is similar to P-1 mode only that it differs in how the relay is engaged. To connect it, a signal must be detected on the input pin, and the timer will start when no signal is detected on the IN pin.

To switch between these 4 operating modes, press the K1 button for 2 seconds. To exit the mode selection menu, you must press the K2 button.

To set the timer, you must use the K2 and K3 buttons:

  • The K2 button has the role of selecting the next digit from left to right. If the operating mode requires 2 timers (P-2 and P-3), when the last digit of T1 is selected and the K2 button is pressed, it will automatically switch to T2.
  • The K3 button is incremented by 1 digit. Also, when no digits are selected, the K3 button plays the role of switching between several modes of operation of the switch.
    • "YYY": when only digits appear on the screen (no point is lit), "YYY" is the number of seconds.
    • "YYY.": When the last point is activated, "YYY" represents the number of minutes.
    • "XX.Y": when midpoint is activated, "XX" is the number of seconds, and "Y" is the number of hundredths of a second.


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3.3V / 5 V Relay Module with Adjustable Delay (220 V)

3.3V / 5 V Relay Module with Adjustable Delay (220 V)

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